Nov 29, 2020
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One-shoulder elegant black suede long-sleeved shirt with vertical mid-length hip skirt

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The weather is now a bit cold, cold autumn and winter, without the brightness of spring, nor the colorfulness of summer, how we should be fashionable and trendy wear, not only can play a warm role, but also can show their elegance and beautiful image, do not struggle, may wish to a set of one-shoulder elegant black suede long-sleeved shirt, with vertical stripe mid-length hip skirt, with a windbreaker, the same can be beautiful.
The slim and slender long-sleeved design is thin and elegant at the same time. The hero’s arms and shoulders are very slim and beautiful, and the beautiful dark patterned design is romantic and ladylike.

The classic cappuccino light brown vertical stripe hip skirt design, make Sun Yunzhu wear doubly rate competent temperament, with fashionable single-breasted modeling, more can highlight the youthful leisure sense, at the same time embellishment of this hip skirt more fashionable and energetic, with high waist belt design, more can highlight Sun Yunzhu’s slim waist, in combination with diamond encrusted simple high heels, more prominent Sun Yunzhu’s slim and tall, the overall match fully shaped Sun Yunzhu’s elegant beauty.

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