Dec 25, 2020
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Wearing stockings in early winter, how to match, fashion girls have their own way

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Each season, have their own characteristics, in the north, many people still pay close attention to warmth, to the early winter season, to pay attention to warmth, but also with a sense of fashion, which requires a certain collocation basis, many girls are such a choice of stockings, slimming effect is very good, but also set off a sense of exquisite fashion, this beauty choose a black stockings, the above dark oblique texture, with the effect of straps, looks very unique, with gray knee-high boots, set off the body tall, black dress skirt, outside a blue cotton jacket, look very warm.

The girl will match, will follow their own ideas to match, to the early winter season, there are many girls want to show the body, this beauty choose a thick black stockings, looks like a warm feeling, with black flat boots, slim boots, the sole is also relatively thick, green plaid pleated skirt and small suit combination together, feel very beautiful, generally will match a shirt, but the beauty choose a suspenders with, so there is a casual effect, but also with a very beautiful fashion feeling.

Stockings style, not only black is good, some beauties will also choose other colors, this beauty will choose a white stockings, is relatively rare style, looks thick and very warm, with a pair of beige pointed fine heel single shoes, heel in about 3 cm is not very high but very comfortable, the tip of the square buckle design, simple and stylish, a light gray wool dress, early winter season so light color with, also very good.

Fashionable girl, can not be missing a stocking, is the flesh-colored stockings, in fact, many people will like, because wearing is not very obvious, for most girls, they prefer to be thinner, so wearing this stocking, will be more visible body, but also set off the skin tone is very good, with a pair of silver thick-soled shoes, many boys do not like the style, but by very girls like, especially girls who do not like to wear high heels, but also think with a heightening effect, a black dress, outside a denim jacket, lined with blue fur lining, is also a very warm jacket.

In fact, every girl is looking forward to their lives to be more exciting, they shop in early winter, but also wear the most beautiful clothes, this beauty choose a white stockings, the top of the white jacquard decoration, so that the socks are more characteristic, but also seems to be very layered, the feet of beige Martin boots, boot tube is not slim, will have a small girl’s feeling, beige tweed dress, there is a tweed medium jacket, color stitching into the plaid style, increase the sense of layers.

Life to be different from others, we must pay attention to their own choice of clothing style, look at this beauty, choose a gray stockings, so will increase personality a little color, with black suede knee-high boots, thick heel pointed style, is also a common style, with a dress, just covered by her suit, slant back a black leather small bag, looks very simple, but also very fashionable feeling, color use is particularly good, her hat is also very personalized, tweed basin cap, this year there are many people wearing this hat.

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