Dec 25, 2020
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Long boots should choose high-heeled shoes, set off a slim figure, or to pick a fine heel style

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For many fashion girls, they like to wear high heels shopping, to the autumn and winter, they will choose boots, and will choose fine high heel boots, better set off the body, but also with a delicate effect, look at this beauty choose pointed fine heel knee boots, slim boots, more with a thin effect, with a black dress skirt, outside a color-enhanced leather jacket, a bit of western design style, beige gift bag, adding a little light contrast.

Autumn and winter colors, many people will be mainly dark colors, in fact, with light colors will also look good, so that people look a little different, this beauty choose like a variegated pointed fine heel knee boots, 8 cm fine heel, very good-looking, slim boots, slim figure to dare to try this boots, a white trench coat, thick fabric, looks very warm, such a light color with, looks good, also has a simple style.
With all the ideas to wear in accordance with their own ideas, to wear their own style, every girl who loves beauty, are constantly learning, they look forward to every time is very delicate, this beauty choose a black suede knee-high boots, slim boots, set off her slim figure, but also make her more confident, black knitted sweater, a little worn effect, outside a dark leopard print medium coat, but also dark with, set off a sense of poise.

To the fashion block, you will meet some will match the young lady, they will pay attention to their own dress sense of layers, autumn and winter will pay attention to warmth, this beauty choose a black suede pointed toe thin heel over the knee boots, very simple style also looks tall, black dress, white paneling, increase the sense of layers, with a black leather jacket, short clothes tight style, so that there is a sense of layers, but also very textured, the head of the partial red hat, warmth and also with the effect of embellishment.

Life is actually very simple, dressing is not difficult, is that you dare not to try, through the dressing show themselves, autumn and winter, you can also become very good-looking, this beauty choose a black pointed fine heel knee boots, sock boots design style, very good-looking, also looks full of personality, can be with bottoming pants, can also wear bare legs, a short black coat, very simple style of dressing, set off their own fashion taste.
Every girl who chooses fine heel boots, they fall and winter, still choose some fine heel shoes, pointed fine heel over the knee boots, warm and fashionable, but also set off a different collocation, this beauty choose black leather pointed fine heel over the knee boots, with a candy-colored stockings, grid style, looks very layered, a black leather skirt, with a plaid jacket, short design, the front of the fur style, looks like it feels very warm.

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