Dec 25, 2020
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Late autumn season to meet the girl who is not afraid of cold, 10 cm a word with fine high-heeled sandals

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To the autumn of, fashionable girls or according to their own ideas to match, some people like to wear thick warm effect, but also some people like to wear a little mix and match the effect of the wind, life to have their own ideas, but also to live a delicate some, many people like to live a different life, so that their lives are not monotonous, with will make you feel that every day is a new day, and there will be a lot of good-looking clothes, you can mix and match at will, so that their lives are full of fun.

For many fashion girls, with a very simple, they know what kind of clothing is more suitable for them, according to different seasons, wear different clothing, to the fall, to match the layers, but also pay attention to warmth, then you will choose what kind of clothing to match it? High heels will set off the body tall, many girls who feel their body is not tall enough, they will choose high heels for shopping, but also better set off the proportion of the body, but also with the effect of long legs.

Now take a look at this beauty, all black, but with their own sense of fashion, a pair of a word with a fine high heel, in the fall wearing high-heeled sandals, but also a little not afraid of cold rhythm, now many girls also like to match a little not afraid of cold feeling, think this will be very good-looking, but also very fashionable, 10 cm fine heel, set off the body tall, and this sandal is very recommended month, many girls will choose this pair of shoes, set off elegant atmosphere, and so high height, but really not who can easily manage.
Black tight pants, slimming effect is very good, the beauty of the body is relatively slim, so with a lot of ease together, the leg of the pants just to the ankle of the main, revealing the feet of a word with fine high-heeled sandals, such a collocation is very attentive, the time of selection, to know to what is more appropriate mainly, in fact, with sometimes pay attention to some details, deal with these, will make your style more simple, many girls like tight pants, better show their body.

A black suit, with buttons, but do not tie on, which will set off some casual feeling, shopping choice of suit, to have a casual some feeling, do not feel like at work, suit lapels can choose to be longer, so that it is like wearing boyfriend clothes, slanted back a shoulder bag, small and exquisite, but also set off personality, black suspenders, so a black, with a sense of hierarchy, also looks good body, high heels set off, more elegant temperament.

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