Dec 25, 2020
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Easy to wear jeans, choose long boots or short boots to set off

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In fact, many girls like jeans, so your collocation becomes a lot easier to the autumn and winter season, wearing jeans girls also more up, some with boots, some with boots, now look at how they are dressed, this beauty choose a blue jeans, with gradient pattern, increase the sense of layering, with a pair of black boots, thick high heel style, 6 cm more height, set off the body, light pink fleece jacket, looks very good warm effect.

Fashionable girls have their own ideas of matching, in the early winter season, but also to match their own taste, this beauty choose boots with slim jeans, lotus root color boots, zipper style, 2 cm thick heel, can not be said to be high heels, fashionable girl wearing very easy, gray slim jeans, very classic with the combination, a black woolen jacket, not a windbreaker, warm effect but very good.
To match a little different taste, we must understand ourselves, know what season should be how to match, this beauty choose blue slim jeans, gradient color, will play a thin effect, with black lace-up boots under the feet, 3 cm thick heel, still the feeling of flat shoes, a denim jacket, outside there is a short black down jacket, the girl is very careful to keep warm, pill head, better set off the face, which is also the most own confidence.

Slim jeans, is with long boots, or with short boots, in fact, there is no fixed requirements, according to their own preferences, you like what style, go with it, this beauty choose a white cowboy boots, with gray slim jeans, although the body is not particularly tall, but with a sense of personality, black and white wool knit cardigan, simple fashion, but also play a warm effect, if you change a pair of high-heeled boots, will better set off the body, and her girlfriend height is similar.

Jeans either with boots or boots, you can choose a high heel style, of course, it is best to be able to easily manage their own, not the higher the heel the better, to wear exquisite, out of the elegant only good, this beauty choose a pair of black pointed fine high heel boots, 8 cm fine heel, set off the body slim, with a light-colored slim jeans, fur-trimmed leg, just to the ankle position, with a black leather jacket, short lapel, set off the exquisite elegance, but also seems to be a good proportion of the body.
There are many girls in life who will match, they are actually relatively simple to match, if you look carefully, or can feel their low-key dressing, this beauty choose a pair of beige thick heeled boots, with gray slim jeans, trouser leg pulled up, better show her boots, with a gray show sweater, the texture is thicker, also better looking, and thicker, the color match is more low-key, in fact, people are still very beautiful, but just want to low-key shopping.

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