Dec 25, 2020
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Black jacquard stockings, look very layered, long and short into short boots

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Autumn and winter, how to match, in fact, there is no fixed formula can be set, as long as you want to match, wear a simple style, do not match bloated, wear a good look in front of the fitting mirror, you wear out the effect is what kind of, you will know is not what you want, objective to see their own wear, and pick clothes, but also to try on more, so you will find their own style, slowly form their own dressing taste.
Winter to wear warm, but not with a bloated feeling, each girl will be in accordance with their own ideas to match, even in winter, they will wear a simple fashion style, early winter, some people like long boots, some people like short boots, but high heel style better set off the body, you will choose a fine heel how high the style? 10 cm height, you dare to try it, in fact, a lot of good-looking shoes, depending on You can not easily manage it.

The beauty choose a black stockings, jacquard style, so there will be more layers, many people will choose monochrome stockings, so look simple, the beauty of this stockings with flowers, the feeling is different, is not looking very individual, there is no want to match the feeling, is to wear a little bit of their own style, to show a different fashion effect, the effect of body repair is very good, and the beauty of the body is more proportional, better set off her bonny body.

A pair of dark gray high-heeled boots, the beauty did not lift up the barrel of the boots, but piled on the ankle part, so that the formation of short boots, but also to reveal their stockings, which is to show their stockings, deliberately dressed this way, so how to match the boots, sometimes it depends on what you want to express, you can also lift up the barrel of the boots, which will present another style, 10 cm of fine heel, set off the body tall, also looks very delicate, or high-heeled shoes with more beautiful.

Black tight skirt, slimming effect is very good, the skirt hem just to a little above the knee, which is why the beauty of the boots as short boots to wear, if the boot tube up, her black stockings are covered, a black jacket, zipper up, so as to play the effect of warmth, if just out of the store, you can pull the zipper open, which will be better to show themselves, so different dressing techniques to show the feeling will be different, as the love of beauty, you will choose what style to show themselves?

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