Jan 14, 2020
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Street pats: wear a rosy coat with good looks

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The collocation method of this belle, have good complexion already, have good temperament again, can be regarded as already warm beautiful.

The main dress of beautiful woman, it is a long woolen coat of rose color. She paired it with a pair of black ankle boots with high heels and carried a black designer bag. This collocation looks simple, in fact, from the material to color to design, beauty are carefully selected, carefully matched, to give us a lot of things can be used for reference.

This coat is the most important thing in the whole body. The coat has three characteristics:First, the fabric is very new. Traditional coat fabric, the biggest problem is too heavy, wear very tired, so many people buy a woolen coat do not wear, willing to wear light down jacket. In fact, an overcoat can handle many more occasions than a down jacket, and if it can be light and warm, so much the better. The fabric of this coat is a new high-end material. It is a new super-thick wool coat made of cashmere, alpaca and mohair. This material is light, breathable and very warm.

The second characteristic, it is the color of coat is very authentic, it belongs to rose color, but it is not bright again the color that take an eye out, however downy and hazy rose color, mixed with trifling gray and light blue in rose color, have a kind of hazy beauty not only so, and very helpful to promote belle complexion. For yellow-skinned asians, a coat with a red tone is far more effective than a camel coat.

The third characteristic, it is the simple sense of the coat is super good, because the original material of the coat fabric is very advanced, and have thickness very much, so, the level off of the coat, hang down, straight is not general good, brought needless to say luxuriant and expensive gas, it is to add the feeling that the aura field grabs a person to the beauty very much.

The coat is long and simple, except for the collar and only one belt. Such concise style, also be the important reason that lets belle wear a super good result. This coat completely covered the clothes inside the beautiful woman, forming a sense of wholeness from top to bottom, which not only looks like the whole body line is very smooth, but also can visually improve the height of the beautiful woman, let the beautiful woman even taller.

The shoes that the beauty chooses are also very in place. This is a pair of black matte ankle boots, the boots are designed with a high heel, and the high heel is a small horseshoe, chassis area is larger than the top. Such, appear heel has change not only, and let belle walk more comfortable, more steady. For this pair of black ankle boots, the beauty also matched black tights. In this way, the sense of wholeness is strengthened.

Such dress is tie-in, plus the black brand bag that belle chooses, the integral collocation of belle is full really contracted wind. And the good look of the beauty is good temperament, also show from such collocation just come out.

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