Jan 13, 2020
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Street snap: the girl in the dress in winter, really beautiful

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When it comes to looking feminine in winter, skirts are a good way to go.

The beauty opted for a black pleated dress with a denim parka top. This skirt advantage is a lot of, 100 fold, wide, elegant, good-looking, easy to take care of, although it is a long skirt, but not length drag ground. With the short style of the pie to overcome collocation, both in their proper place, but also a special youth.

The beauty chose a short skirt. Although short skirt puts on very spirit, very agile, but tie-in has difficulty, wear a down jacket, blocked skirt. The short skirt of the beauty is a black leather skirt. To highlight the dress, she works hard on matching her top with a long beige cashmere sweater over a beige fleece blouse. Such collocation, revealed skirt outfit not only, and also let systemic dress have administrative levels feeling very much.

This beautiful woman chose a half-skirt, which was made of red serge fabric and came down to the knees. The skirt was a diagonal skirt with a large bottom. The beauty is tie-in a black fur integral whole medium model coat, the foot wears black ankle boots. Add the head of the ball that she combs, have heroic bearing very much, full of qi yun.

The beauty opted for a bright yellow yarn dress with floral detailing, paired with a lemon yellow cropped fur coat and red pumps. In the winter season, so wear, it is a bit of courage. However, the fur coat of beautiful woman is very high grade, the quantity of heat that provides also is very not little. Such collocation, absorb the effect of eyeball bright eye is little not.

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