Jan 13, 2020
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Street shot: they can easily handle the boots that most people would not dare to ask for

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Hei hei boots are high boots with folds piled up. The appearance of pile pile boots, it is to long leg fine distinction, choose thinner and longer beautiful leg, and hang a mark to such beautiful leg. This boot is very difficult to wear, because the boot is very wide, but also a lot of folds stacked on top of each other, there is no sense of fluency. It was not easy to get the leggy effect of such boots. But these beauties are not only easy to handle, but also dressed to the nines. Today, we will have a look, how the beauty is tie-in pile pile boots.

The beauty, who opted for a light camel hei hei boot, paired it with black leggings and a dark blue velvet cotton-padded dress. Her dress effect is very good, than ordinary high boots appear much superior, the person also has special temperament.

Although pile boot does not have concise line, but, its drape enriched people’s imagination. The assumption people make is: how long would the boots have to be if the pleats were unfurled? How long legs do you need to wear boots like this? To dare to wear pile pile boots, people from the heart is that she has long legs. And, rich drape, also let boots use makings and workmanship are more valuable. So, hei hei boots are worth a try, at least not to preemption. This beauty, with black shiny leather pile pile boots with pine green long down jacket. Bright coat, with a pair of wrinkled shoes, very harmonious.

Needless to say, hei hei boots on the leg is picky, not all long legs wear all good-looking, more not all people wear can have the effect of long legs. Pile pile boots boot mouth is thick, boots boot boot is also thick, such, want crus to want to grow, ham wants thin, want to let boots mouth have enough loose degree. If your thighs aren’t slim enough to fill your boots to the brim, you won’t get the desired effect. This beauty, choose rice white pile pile boots, go up with fine ham, add fine small heel, wear tall, still wear artistic temperament.

This beauty’s hei hei boots are the color of leather, with a lot of pleats and thick heels. The boots themselves have enough flavor to add to the temperament. Beauty collocation a suit black, a black leggings, a black velvet jacket, the scarf of beauty, color and pile pile boots very close, form up and down echo. If beautiful woman does not wear pile pile boots, change smooth face straight tube leather boots, that is not now artistic temperament is full flavor, also do not have so much to see a point.

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