Jan 13, 2020
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Street shot: the beauty that wears pattern tall boots, differentiation dress is very high-end

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Beauty wears tall boots really good-looking, temperament is different. However, high boots wear a little bit of the same, the lack of differentiation. If you look closely, you’ll see
There are so many beautiful women in pursuit of refinement, they will choose a very personal high boots, or even for their own set of custom high boots. This refinement is the spirit of fashion. Only individualization, differentiation and quality can raise the standard of clothing and better drive economic development and social progress. Today, we will have a look at the high boots that beauty people have distinguishing feature each, see how such high boots can drive integral dress collocation.

The beauty opted for brown and maroon suede boots. The boots are tight and can draw the outline of beautiful legs. Although the boots are half high with thick black heels, they have a lot of flavor and are especially suitable for tall men like beautiful girls. She paired her brown maroon boots with a cream coat, a silver fox collar and a caramel paperboy hat.

The high boot of this belle, although it is the black turn hair leather that a lot of see, but boot style is different, the height of 7 inches above knee, still have superfine heel and beautiful last, make the boot very show class.

The beauty opted for wide leg boots in rose-red fur. This wide – legged style looks very impressive. Moreover, the broad boot, in contrast to the slender jade leg, more jade leg slender and long. Beautiful woman wears black filar socks, jacket tie-in mei gules stripe hoodie, carry mei gules handbag, tie-in highlights integral feeling and atmospheric style, beautiful woman also has the air of everybody ladylike very much.

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