Jan 12, 2020
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Street shot: match a suit purple beauty

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Purple is a hot word. Magenta is the name for a color, a deep purple with a hint of red. Purple and purple, write which is not wrong. And “maozi” is a network red word, it has “like this” meaning, is a buzzword. Like to wear a suit of purple beauty, no matter is ceng hot, graph good-looking and affordable is true. Today, we come to see a beautiful woman of a purple match.

The beautiful woman is wearing a purple cashmere coat, a purple handbag, black leggings and brown ankle boots. Even the hair color, are dyed brown red color, this color is very close to purple. Although the vast majority of the body is purple, but these purple is the difference of different levels of color, therefore, collocation is special knowledge, collocation effect is also very good.

In a purple match of a beautiful woman, purple cashmere coat is the most important part, which accounts for 70% and 80% of the weight. This coat is of good quality. Not to mention the thick cashmere material is more authentic, just purple color is very great. Purple coat a lot, violet purple, rose purple purple, red dates purple, we see a lot, but, this purple, very few see, has its own unique taste.

This coat is a long coat that reaches to the calves. The upper part is basically tight. The coat has the belt design, the belle lets the belt show to float down the state, the belt turns over as the gait of the belle, is really good-looking. Beautiful woman still lets wide dress place float in the sky rise, show elegant and move feeling.

Although the boot that beauty chooses is not direct magenta purple, but this brown and magenta purple also are very close, belong to warm color to move together. Also, purple and brown look great together. The brown boots of beautiful woman, it is furred leather, lackluster, very low-key, boots still have very tall thick high heel. Such shoe, let belle very straight, walk very relaxed still.

In the whole body of beautiful woman magenta collocation, magenta purple leather bag also is a big thing, because this bag is very big, length is in 60 70 centimeters, it is the rectangle bag of horizontal width. The place with delicate beauty collocation is, the purples of the bag that she chooses, than the purples of the coat is full shallow two degrees, and, the bag is smooth cowhind, very bright, very burnish. So, it is magenta with, both depth is different, simple sense is different, make a suit of beautiful woman magenta has administrative levels very much, also have taste very much.

Such collocation, have integral effect very much, and, as a result of concise, still have the effect that shows tall show thin very much. More important is, such collocation plan, still have very high practical value. This collocation is worn where, won’t make a mistake, and, can give a person decorous atmosphere fashionable feeling. The Spring Festival is coming, we need to wear something with a festive atmosphere. But, true wear big red big green, it is a bit to stand out a bit, 2 it is very difficult to do often wear everyday. However, purple is different, in the right season, when you can wear, and wear elegant.

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