Jan 12, 2020
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Street photo: European beauty dressed to kill

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Winter fashion district, rarely see the legs of the foreign beauty. What’s more, they generally wear a lot and thick clothes, giving people a super warm feeling. In the relationship between grace and temperature, it is not necessary to give up one to take one. Today, we’ll take a look at how foreign women can keep themselves super warm and slim. The beauty was dressed in black leather trousers. Also, under the leather coat, there are inequality style sweaters, black leather pants from the thickness, should be a fur. Beauty’s boots are also of good quality leather. A white fox collar, is to enhance the warmth of the beauty. This is super warm but can basically show figure collocation.

Using high quality thermal materials is a common method for these foreign beauties. This beautiful woman, thick cold clothing, not only down thick, and the fabric is windproof waterproof. Her boots are fur – and – skin ugg boots. The hat on belle head, it is to wear the mink hair that should perspire is qualitative. So from top to bottom armed, to mohe no problem.

This beautiful woman’s coat is made of more advanced material and very fashionable. This coat is made of fur, and it is a high-end mink with green roots in fur. The coat is medium length, and the beauty matches it with a black leather skirt, thick leggings and fleece sneakers. Beauty is like this, in the elegant warmth, in the warmth to improve their own beauty and confidence, that feeling, really good.

The warmth of this beauty is also quite high, because she chose a very warm fabric. The purplish red coat she wore was made of one piece of fur, and we all know how warm it is. On the back of the leather, the fleece is as curly as lamb’s hair, which keeps the coat warm without feeling bloated. And, Burgundy this color is composed atmosphere inside collect still have no lack of feminine taste. The wool hat of belle collocation a black, the foot wears black lace-up ankle boots, not only warm, still appear to have tie-in chapter method very much.

The combination of this beautiful woman may be the first to keep warm. The best fur is made of the same material, from leather to wool to long wool and long needles. This material makes not only tops but also hats and collars. The black high waist boots of beauty also is a body of fur material, such boots have much warmth, also can imagine, wore so good warm clothing, with old cold leg is not a dime of concern really. Commendable is, so cover the wear of sweat, the beauty can also wear so slim.

The dress of this beautiful woman is very familiar to us. Black down coat, blue jeans, black boots. That’s what a lot of people wear. This beautiful woman wears all her clothes thicker than usual. Especially down jackets and high boots. Real material material, let a person feel the charm of quality and texture.

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