Jan 12, 2020
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Elegant and relaxed little sister, wear fashionable jeans, to show a unique feminine taste!

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One hundred years classic single product jeans development to today, through the constant baptism and evolution of fashion trend, a variety of money emerge in endlessly. The skinny skinny jeans are a common street style. Skinny jeans retain the rugged, casual nature of denim and add a sexy element. The line of little elder sister lower half body wraps very perfect, tie-in this pair of canvas shoes also is fashionable the feeling that moves again oh.

Little elder sister this body is tie-in, the geographical position that should be place is a bit close to northeast. The weather has entered the Mid-Autumn season, morning and evening or very cold. A black leather dress paired with black heels is sexy and alluring. Gentle and generous smile really sweet to me, so sexy and low-key beauty, now really rare.

I’m starting to accept shorts with sneakers. Shorts with sneakers and a pair of flesh-colored tights, just a moment, let me slow down. Why do young ladies like this kind of collocation? Am I being held back by fashion? Still like little elder sister very much this one word shoulder garment, the design that layer feels very rich bubble sleeve added a few minutes of small and lovely. Petite cute, is the little sister himself.

The little sister’s strapless dress, with its bright red color scheme, was an evolutionary version of the tank top. Certain white sports cap and this big red tight dress have a contrasting fashion sense, petite face, give a person a full protection desire, right? Say, whether beautiful little elder sister likes to wear a mask? No matter spring or summer?

Broken flower skirt is favored by fashionable young ladies and sisters all the time, but broken flower skirt can be worn badly, one is not careful, became a country maid. Broken flower skirt is loose dress form appears commonly, little elder sister this broken flower skirt, tight design, the cuff head of a word shoulder or very individual character. White bottom, the ornament of red floret, let little elder sister perfect figure more sway appearance. I like these high heels.

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